About us

Neptun Engineering is organized by departments, having a structure based on operativeness and coordinated by project managers who have over 15 years of experience in the industry.

The engineering teams are organized in specialized departments: Mechanical and Electrical.

Our team consists of project-managers, installation engineers, authorized electrical engineers, plumbers and master installers, autogenous and electrically qualified welders, ISCIR-authorized PEHD welders, refrigeration technicians, ventilators, sanitary workers.

Bogdan Moisă

Development Manager

Vladimir Dimache

Business Manager

Cristian Velicu

Technical Manager

Răzvan Tolea

Acquisitions Manager

Anca Duport

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Nicușor Uță

Project Manager

Cătalin Dumitru

Project Manager

Tudor Voitic

Project Manager

Adrian Vasilescu

Germany Operations Manager